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NBA Events is proud to be an Official Ticket Package Provider to the NBA All-Star Game. NBA Events offers unique ticket packages that include hospitality access, premium seating, insider access and more.

Official Ticket Package Benefits

Official NBA Events Packages come with exclusives you cannot obtain anywhere else for an unmatched experience.


Official NBA Events Ticket Packages come direct from the NBA with fixed pricing and offer you peace of mind with no risk of broker or scalper fraud.


NBA Events’ Official Ticket Packages are all-inclusive, providing tickets, hospitality, insider extras, accommodations and more. Additional concierge services ensure that every aspect of your itinerary can be easily arranged for the most stress-free experience imaginable.

Unparalleled Access

Official Ticket Packages are only available through NBA Events and include access to exclusive NBA events throughout the year.


NBA Events’ Official Ticket Packages offer several accommodation options at luxurious area hotels.

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